The Sunday Ballyhoo: Marketers set for a ripsnorter Super bowl!

February 1st, 2018

Marketing Scoops in Sports

The Big Sunday for Marketers and Sports fans

The Boston Patriots will take on the Philadelphia Eagles at a face off in the Super Bowl this Sunday. Who’s going to win you think?

As 2018 approaches Sports marketers’ eye on Big Game-related stats to personalize their marketing campaigns lined up for the year.

You knew it was coming!

Yes, this Sunday going to be exciting for marketers as well as sports fans around the world. This Sunday hosts the Super Bowl finale as well as the NFL final face off. Apart from that 2018 is all set to bring us the Winter Olympics in South Korea and FIFA World Cup in Russia.

2018 is going to be a great year for Sports. It looks optimistic for sports marketing.

What’s cooking?

This Sunday is the biggest advertising day of the year for Marketers. They’re likely to reach a bigger audience through digital advertising and witness a massive television audience.

Already on television, a 30 sec ad is valued at $5 million. Smart marketers around the globe are leveraging the best of ad teasers on YouTube to hashtags on social media and ensuring most out of their expensive ad buy by in the digital universe around it.

In 2017 Super Bowl launched its campaign on YouTube and Social Media with celebrity endorser Tom Brady. Its success dandled across all Digital Platforms.

The campaign managed to grab all eyeballs without running a single TV commercial. Later 2017 the Brand followed its audience on all Digital Marketing platforms where super bowl ads had higher engagement. The team was able to deliver the right user experience and achieve the targeted KPI optimized and planned.

Earl Hwang, PMG’s global brand strategy lead for Beats said, “Because we couldn’t have known months in advance that Brady would be in the Super Bowl, this campaign came together in just two weeks’ time. It was an opportunity to get scrappy and make something of such an opportune moment.”

As a result of its agile strategy, Beats saw almost a million views of its 2017 Tom Brady “#BeHeard” Super Bowl ad, with an average view duration of 97%.Keeping in mind the world cup already knocking, this perhaps can be a good reference for marketers in 2018.

Take of the Pundits

This is a big year for sports. The 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil reached a global in-home television audience of 3.2 billion people, and 280 million people around the world watched through online and mobile video. In 2018, I predict that number will be flipped. More people will watch the World Cup on social, digital, and mobile video than on TV. Brands will need to shape their strategies accordingly, from TV-first to digital-first.

– Allison Stern, CMO & co-founder at Tubular Labs

In 2018, I predict purpose-driven ads will make up a larger share of brand-owned videos, especially related to the year’s major global sporting events. Pixability’s data shows that purpose-driven ads generate more views and a higher engagement rate on YouTube than non-cause related videos. Brands that achieve the difficult task of authenticity in their video content, by creating videos that align with the causes they genuinely believe in and support, will ultimately win in 2018.”

– Bettina Hein, CEO at Pixability

The time has come to really get to know Gen Z. Gen Z are now spending longer online on mobile than on all other devices combined, and this mobile-first mindset impacts all Gen Z’s media behaviors. For example, compared to millennials they spend longer on social per day, but less time on both broadcast and online TV. Short, bite-sized content is their preference, so brands will have to get on board.

– Jason Mander, Chief Research Officer at GlobalWebIndex

Bottoms Up!

Businesses, Brands, and the People are all set to swing with the rhythm of the Ginga in 2018. As the year sprints forward our sports frenzy team at MetricFox can’t really wait to catch up with all the action both at the Advertising and Sports.

If you’re you a sports marketer and a sports fanatic share your thoughts with us.

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