5 Reasons Why Web Design is a Priority

April 5th, 2019

First impressions can be lasting and especially so in the online world. Whether you are in the ecommerce space or a brick and mortar set-up, you cannot shy away from the importance of building a professional website.
A good web design can help your business reach the next level. By building a creatively enticing and content rich site, you can engage your visitors and even have many convert and become loyal purchasers.

A good website that is custom-made just for you, offers advantages to both your business as well as your customers. For your customers it is a one stop shop to gain information; for you, it is a great platform to strike a conversation with your potential market, conveying information that you want to highlight, and perhaps even in some case talk beyond business.
Now that we understand the importance of hosting a website, let’s look at why it is important for you as a business to consider website design as an integral piece of the puzzle.

1. Your website reflects your brand personality

Your brand personality is reflected by the website you keep. If you have an unprofessional, unkempt website, the online world will associate your brand with shoddiness, unprofessionalism and may even look at it with distrust.
In order to ensure that you come across as a trustworthy, customer-centric brand, you should host a site, tailored for you, that in its design reflects the brand that you truly are. Hence website design becomes an important element because it renders your brand a perception in the digital world.

2. Navigation and simplicity

Your website may be overflowing with great content but so much information can only be of use when your website visitors can locate them easily and quickly. If visitors arrive at a site that looks so cluttered and chaotic, they will not spend time trying to locate the information that are seeking. They will simply log off. To avoid losing leads to poor navigations, it’s important to invest in a website design that offers intuitive navigation and makes it ever so simple for consumers to find what they are looking for.

3. SEO-Friendly

Your website should figure high in search engines and for that your content and design need to be optimized. Your website design influences how you publish content and this affects SEO. In order to ensure visibility in search engines, your on-page SEO should be on-point.

4. Quick load time

Don’t give your website visitors the chance to log off due to your website being slow and clunky. If your website load time is high, your visitors will be inclined to leave. Well-designed websites offer a seamless interface with quick load times. This goes a long way in ensuring you don’t lose your leads and that you are able to offer high quality customer experience.

5. A streamlined experience

A professional web design ensures that your website follows the same theme throughout. With the consistency in fonts, color-themes, style and images, you can reduce distraction and in turn create a more coherent, consistent and streamlined experience for your visitors. A professionally designed website ensures a high experience of text, visuals, and consistency.


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