6 Ways to Become a Pro at Business Blogging

May 28th, 2012

The content for business blogs should be representative of the brand image and the product. The following are certain simple guidelines while writing for business blogs:

Business Blogging1. Blog posts need to be conversational and informal – it has to make the reader feel that he is being heard at, and not simply talked to. A business blog is completely different from a newspaper or a print magazine. It is an electronic medium that connects the buyer and the seller. They are meant for creating social conversations that are capable of converting into a lead and increase sales.

2. Do not reiterate any information while writing blog posts. Create unique content for each blog posts to have the prospect come back. Blogging is a great opportunity to provide exclusive information about the company and its products.

3. Never miss responding to a customer’s query or comment. These can be the first point of contact with your customer. Take criticisms at your stride and make decent, professional comments while replying back.

4. Refrain from using too many jargons in your business blog. Blog posts should not read like corporate brochures or whitepapers. Explain the purpose of your business in simple, lucid language.

5. Give due to the importance to the fact that your readers are busy and give them only the information they need. It is not a good idea to talk about the company’s employee rewarding policy in its blog. Rather, write about the features and benefits of your products and how it can make your customer’s life easier.

6. Finally, avoid disclosing any confidential details of the company. Stay honest about the sources of your statistical facts and reports and do not mention customers’, vendors’ and clients’ name without their consent.

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