How to Make Your Customers Love YOU

February 13th, 2013

By loving them…

People bought stuff from you don’t necessarily have to be in love with you; probably they were just in need of what you were selling. This Valentine season, let the cupid do the mojo to your customers. They might not show their love instantly but over the long haul, they will learn to love you and will buy from you (again).

And we slated a plan to make your customers fall in love with you all over…

Love your customers

  • Treat them like super heroes. It is impossible to win over people if you do not care of them. Which means if I want to lead your customers, you need to know what they care about, what their challenges are, to make it a point to make them heroes. But before that, you need to list out the top customers in your clan whom you think are worth being heroes and then start hitting on them. Anyone’s favorite word in any language is their ‘Name’. Referring to people with their names either on social media networks, facebook comments, tweets on twitter, mentions on LinkedIn, highlighting people in your blogs will make them heroes. You bet people will fall madly in love with you.
  • Give away something they value without expecting anything back. If you want to show you customers that you care, give them something they value. It might be some thought leadership content, freebies, box of chocolates, furry teddy bears or just anything that would add some value to them and create an impact. And the thumb rule here is not to expect anything back; no repeat business, no promotion, no testimonial, absolutely nothing. You goal of falling in love with your customer should not end with single transaction; it has to be a long-term relationship.
  • Step-up your marketing strategy with time. Having a business strategy about where and how to communicate is cogitative. But the strategy you have slated needs to be revised with every changing trend in the market. And like the old cliché, ‘Think Outside the Box’. For a change, leave the computer monitor for some time and try to have face-to-face conversations. Email them individually to get connected with people outside of the norm.
  • Strengthen your strengths. You know your brand or business has strengths and weaknesses. Build on your weaknesses and strengthen your strengths. Do not focus on a substantiating a service only because your competitor is focusing on it. Remember the sheep principle; it would be just that way. To start off with, pick one service, and make all efforts to make it 100 percent happening. By building on your strengths, you are in turn offering your customer the best through your services. So, they are bound to love you for that.
  • Do no push them for sales. Yup, you have been making great efforts to impress your customers and apparently, you are doing it to win more bucks. But if you are going to say it outright, you are definitely going to lose them. Win their trust and loyalty and when they are in real need for the services you have, they will indubitably come to you.

Anytime you put in spend strenuous efforts to appreciate your customers, you are sure to reap the benefits, sooner or later. It is never too late to show love, neither is it hard. If you know what your customers want, You are AWESOME! So do not give up!

Fall in love with your customers and they will too…

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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