Account-Based Marketing

If you are an enterprise level organization looking to fully realize the potential of certain clients/companies, account-based marketing is the way to go.

MetricFox is the channel to nurture your relationship with clients, to understand what they need and to deliver customized solutions. ABM seeks to enhance Client Value and bring Client and Sales onto the same page. Numerous sales opportunities are lost with present clients, and Sales goes hunting fresh leads.

MetricFox has invested in ABM for some years now and has seen its own bottom lines improve significantly. We could replicate this for you and help improve returns from each client, focus on their satisfaction and ensure they stay satisfied.

ABM or Account Based Marketing services has been used significantly by many companies worldwide. Its importance and scope has only been realized recently. ABM has the ability to increase the ROI from a particular client tremendously. It has created a lot of opportunities for various businesses and has indeed helped in bringing and retaining clients too.

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The three words to marketing success. Focus. Focus. Focus.

What is Account Based Marketing?

The process of creating an independent resource that takes care of a critical client is basically what ABM is. This has various benefits. Firstly, large accounts cannot be managed by a team that has other responsibilities too. Due to this, they will be spreading themselves thin and lack of attention can cause serious issues for businesses. There are many issues that can be tackled effectively if Account Based Marketing is introduced. This does not mean that the concentration has to be on clients that are already in the system. It can also be applied for prospects too. Following up with a high value account with a single minded purpose can improve results dramatically.

The prospect will get what they need, faster and easier. This makes for easier client facing interactions, creating better relationships. This is the essence of good business practices. ABM has the ability to pull in major revenues by concentrating efforts towards one target.

What Account Based Marketing does for you?

1. Improves account relevance
2. Engages faster and early
3. Aligns marketing activity with account strategies
4. Gets the best value out of marketing
5. Maximizes client returns via research

The results are there for businesses to see. Scaling operations for critical accounts is a major pain point for many businesses. Account Based Marketing services changes that for you. What it also does is create opportunities for up sell and cross sell. These can be done effectively when you undertake ABM. When you get into the depths of the client business and interact with them on a more personal level, you unravel these opportunities. You don't even need to ask them if there is a requirement. You can send across a file that talks about how you can help in decreasing their issues. This can impress a client as they really don't have to go about hunting for solutions.

Account Based Marketing services is not just for client accounts. It is used predominantly within marketing too. A singular approach towards a target account for the purpose of acquiring their business is also ABM. Many marketing divisions of major corporations invest heavily in this process. For this, you have a multi stage function that takes you through the entire process of ABM, from selecting target accounts to closing and servicing the deal. Businesses with the ability to indulge in ABM take full advantage of this today.

what account based marketing does for you

Why you need Account Based Marketing?

Simply put, it brings in massive revenue. Targeting those businesses/individuals that you think can be a fit to your client list and then going all out to get them in is what ABM is all about. Creating collaterals specifically designed for the target account allows you to engage their attention towards you. This eliminates the consequence of competition to a large extent. When the target company knows that they have become the recipients of ABM strategy, they know you have what it takes to deliver too.

The ABM strategy has been greatly influenced by various factors such as cost of operations including associated marketing costs, ability to service client and target account. These are crucial to the ABM mix. To make things easier, it is always required to have a full Account Based Marketing servicing team that gives you the bandwidth to approach prospects and convert easily. ABM is currently one of the most successful marketing processes in play today, simply because it has a phenomenal strike rate. It is close to 90%. There isn't another marketing process that actually has so much success. The only difference is that it is used sparingly as it requires a lot more resources and time.

Why MetricFox?

Our expertise lies in the fact that we have a full fledged demand generation team that has been working on various brands and products for close to 2 decades now. We have amassed a wealth of knowledge of how this process can be handled well and what needs to be done to see it successful. All this experience has also given us a fairly good idea of what does not work too. That is a benefit you get only by diving head first into projects. We have been able to eliminate the unnecessary elements from this process, streamline it and lay it out for you when you need it.

We have been running successful demand generation processes for companies worldwide spread across various verticals and locations. This ability to merge with various businesses and locations are what make the MetricFox demand generation team one of the best in the world currently.

Scalability is important when taking up projects that may be of any type of size. With the expertise and the contacts we have generated over the years, we will be able to handle any size request at any location in the world. We have a training team that will work closely with your business to understand your offering and create specific training material for the associates to use. This is an added benefit that we throw in; to make sure you are able to get exactly what you need.

We provide exceptional results for our clients.

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