Data-Driven Marketing

Data-driven marketing is the crux of marketing processes today, with the on demand prospect demanding it. Data, when used to its full potential, can open doors you didn’t even know existed. Careful segmenting calculated & aptly timed campaigns and many more are the outcomes of data driven marketing.

MetricFox has been at data and marketing for over a decade now. Our team analyses and accesses data and applies the information to your marketing campaigns. While Data can be applied everywhere in marketing - email, social, calls, outdoor advertising et al - MetricFox gives you the crucial benefit of tying them all together.

What this does for you:

1. Helps connect with the right prospect
2. Decreases expenditure and improves revenue
3. Increases customer satisfaction
4. Attains great brand recognition
5. Improves performances of marketing assets

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Our data analyzers help you make informed marketing decisions from the deluge of data

What is data driven marketing?

Data is a significant entity in the digital age. It is used in almost every known marketing process. Today, it isn't easy to contact and engage prospects. More so, with the saturation of the mediums. Customers have become extremely choosy about who can talk to them and who they talk to. For this reason, it is important to use data smartly to contact them.

Database marketing has been around since the time marketing became the mainstay of customer connectivity. In the earlier days, it used to be telephone numbers; today it is the email address. Now, with database marketing, it is necessary to use it in a way that allows marketing to be personalized and effective. Data today can give you a tremendous amount of information about your prospects. Ranging from where they work, to their family history, data gives you so much information that sometimes it can be overwhelming.

To crack the code of database marketing, you need a partner who has knowledge about how data works, what can be extracted from it and how it can be translated into effective personalized marketing collaterals. This is the real benefit of database marketing. Choose a company that has worked closely with data, has deployed data driven marketing campaigns and has also seen success doing so.

To enhance your chances of creating meaningful interactions with your prospects, you need to use data effectively. Data analysis is an important aspect of the entire program. To run successful campaigns, good quality data is as important as the content you put into them. For this, data hygiene practices are mandatory.

Trying too hard to extract benefits from data can only backfire. You need to be extremely cautious when it comes to matters related to data. You need to know sources, who want to be contacted, who don't and who will be willing to listen to you.

To understand database marketing, here we have a process diagram. It shows the various steps involved in executing a database marketing campaign.

what is data driven marketing

Why do you need Database Marketing?

Data is the single most sought after object by marketers today. The amount of information that you can extract from a good set of data is indeed mind boggling. There are many benefits of database marketing and as a marketer you really need to be focussing on these benefits to drive higher ROI from your marketing campaigns.

Firstly, it is important to understand that the customer is the reason for the increased acceptance of inbound marketing. And as this chain goes, inbound marketing requires good quality content for it to be successful. One of the basic tenets of inbound marketing is personalization. To achieve this, you need to work on the data you have.

If you are able to segment and target prospects according to buyer personas, their needs, location etc, your chances of getting a positive response increase dramatically. Everyone loves to get what they want, quickly and efficiently. If you as a marketer is able to give this to your prospect, don't you think half your work is done already?

Only about 30% of marketers actually use data to its fullest today. This is not because they don't know the benefits; it is because you need certain processes and capabilities to actually extract benefits from the data. For this, a strong partner is sufficient. A business that has data as its core background and has helped companies achieve results from their data is what you should be looking for. It is also important to have a partner that understands and is able to use and deploy tools that analyse and produce data outputs.

Why MetricFox?

If you are looking for such a partner, then MetricFox is the right choice. We have been in the business of database marketing since our inception- in 1999. We have developed our capabilities through years of dedicated effort and changing the way businesses see and use data. We have data as our core business and team that source and utilize data to its fullest. We have also created and deployed propriety database tools that are in use all across the world.

Our database marketing team has a wealth of information regarding how to use data and what will work best for you. There are many businesses that have seen amazing ROI from these practices, because all we did was guide them on how to use their data better!

When it comes to data, it is often said- size matters. For us at MetricFox, we are of the opinion that it really doesn't matter how much data you have, what matter is how you use it and what you get out of it. The largest database is not of much value if it contains details that cannot be used by your organisation to run your marketing campaigns.

A customer centric approach to database marketing is the first and the most important piece of the puzzle. Accumulating data that will allow you to contact and communicate with the right prospects is vital to the operation. Data science has grown over the years to become an able aid to the marketer. Any marketing campaign that utilizes the power of data today has a certainly higher chance of success than those that do not.

We have clearly defined processes that allow you to extract the maximum benefits from the data you have. We also have tools that have been designed based on the needs of our customer. These combined with the abilities of our database marketing experts, you have a situation that sets you up for massive success.

MetricFox will deep dive into your data collection processes - data collection strategies, employee education, data analysis to boost marketing campaigns - and ensure you have the right data to do the job well.

We provide exceptional results for our clients.

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