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Are you a new player in the market, or want to boost your presence? Our demand generation team ignites interest in your product or service by way of dialogue or other required tools. Our demand generation team is one of the largest teams we have and they work round the clock to ensure you juice maximum mileage.

Here are some of the many things our team does:

1. Helps your organization enter new markets
2. Promote new product features
3. Build consumer buzz
4. Generate PR
5. Engage existing customers meaningfully

If there is no excitement about your product/service, you are going to have a hard time marketing it. And this is where our demand generation team steps in. Be it calls, social media or email, we will get through and convince your prospects.

Demand generation is not for everyone. You need an expert team doing the needful. There are plenty of ways to generate demand and these need to be used at the right time and right place. For beginners, your brand and product do not have a presence in the market. For this you need a team that works on creating that presence for you. It takes time and smart manoeuvring of the prospects into the right place. It can be done via various modes. Calls can be placed, surveys can be conducted and information extracted. This allows prospects to know about the strengths of your product as compared to others.

Get content that will grow your business

Create interest, pique their interest, hold their interest

What is demand generation?

Without demand there isn't going to be any supply. You need to know if there is indeed demand for your product/service in the market. Creating demand is also possible. There are many times where prospects don't even know if they need your services! This is where the magic of demand generation truly comes out. You need to put out the exact specific points to the prospects as to why they need to use your product/service. For this, a skilled demand generation team is essential.

If you are launching a new product, or re launching a product in a new geographical location; it is indeed essential to know if there is demand for it there. You can avail the services of the MetricFox demand generation team for this purpose. They not only do the demand generation duty well, they are experts at market research- an important aspect of demand generation. Knowing and understanding how the market works, what prospects are looking for and then engaging them is better than going in blind.

What demand generation basically does is creates a ready list of target customers for you. You know X numbers of prospects are interested in knowing or using your product. This is a crucial aspect of business. It gives you the backing you need to go to market. This strength you gain is what allows you to settle down and get your business running.

This is a process chart of what we do while running a demand generation program. This is a global outlook of what we do. We do understand that clients need different things at different times. These aspects are taken into consideration while coming up with the demand generation program. The end result is important and for that, we reverse engineer the program to fit into your needs.

what is demand generation

Why do you need demand generation?

The markets today are saturated with products and services, many we need and most, we don't. To break free from these redundancies, you need to infiltrate the market in the right manner. To do this, you really do need to know where you fit in the grand scheme of things. The largest brands today are not just blindly launching projects every time they have budgets to do so. They run branding and demand generation exercises diligently to ensure that they get a share of the revenue pie.

This is exactly why every business needs demand generation. There are tremendous changes that can occur to the way to approach the market when you have optimum demand generation done. It isn't an easy process and there aren't many companies that actually do this well. MetricFox has had a demand generation process since the late 90's and we have been honing the skills required for close to 2 decades now.

The advantages of demand generation are many. Frankly, they vary depending on various factors-some of them include the area of business, the product/service you are offering, are you new or an old brand, which your target demographic is and so on.

Leaving aside the fact that demand generation opens up new opportunities for you, it also allows you to make changes and adjustments to your offering. The data that can be collected via surveys is a gold mine for product developers and marketers. It is fodder that feeds these processes. You know now what the market needs and you can make changes that enhance your offering tremendously.

Demand generation has been an integral part of the marketing process. It has been used successfully by many brands and they have been able to enhance and improve their offerings greatly via this process. If you are looking to enter a new area of business, have an idea to sell, then it is imperative that you use demand generation.

Why MetricFox?

Our expertise lies in the fact that we have a full fledged demand generation team that has been working on various brands and products for close to 2 decades now. We have amassed a wealth of knowledge of how this process can be handled well and what needs to be done to see it successful. All this experience has also given us a fairly good idea of what does not work too. That is a benefit you get only by diving head first into projects. We have been able to eliminate the unnecessary elements from this process, streamline it and lay it out for you when you need it.

We have been running successful demand generation processes for companies worldwide spread across various verticals and locations. This ability to merge with various businesses and locations are what make the MetricFox demand generation team one of the best in the world currently.

Scalability is important when taking up projects that may be of any type of size. With the expertise and the contacts we have generated over the years, we will be able to handle any size request at any location in the world. We have a training team that will work closely with your business to understand your offering and create specific training material for the associates to use. This is an added benefit that we throw in; to make sure you are able to get exactly what you need.

We provide exceptional results for our clients.

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