What defines your website personality? – ‘About Us’

October 8th, 2012

About Us’ page is reportedly one of the top 5 pages that get highest number of visitors in any website. Unfortunately, for most companies, it is one of the weakest too. If a website visitor is interested in your products/services, it is likely that he heads to the ‘About Us’ page before getting in touch with you. The visitor reads along the page to decide whether your company is the right one to partner with or not. This is what makes your ‘About Us’ page crucial.

Website Personality

However, most company websites have an ‘About Us’ similar to this…

“Maya IT Consultancy is the world’s best provider of world-class IT and consultation services. We cater best-in-class solutions to give our customers outstanding services…”

You would love this content if you like exaggeration. But, there is no information being communicated and not many customers would like such content. So, think from the customers’ perspective. Know what your customers should read to buy from you.

Know customers’ needs or challenges:

No one cares what you do unless and until it is of any value to them. Customers need solution to their problems. Prospects usually refer to the About Us section to check the credibility of the site.

Something like “We cater best-in-class solutions to give our customers outstanding services…” wouldn’t be of any help to the customers. They cannot judge you based on such statements. Show them results and statistics and how your customers have benefited from your solutions.

No Exaggeration:

Be it any product in any industry, most ‘About Us’ pages are filled with synonyms of ‘BEST’ like best-class, sate-of-art, cutting-edge, etc. Customers don’t rely on words; they need results to gauge you and your credibility.

For Startups: DO NOT give figures just for the sake of it. Tell your audience about your vision, what and how you are going to achieve it. Describe them your realistic visions and let them decide whether to partner with you or not.

More Hype Shrinks Your Brand:

Isn’t it true that most small businesses try to hype a lot? If you try to do the same, you’ll position yourself as one of them. Never portray anything which is not you. Be straight forward and show what really differentiates you from the others.

No Boring Photos:

All those office pictures with generic people is so boring and in no way appealing. It is always better to avoid adding such pictures rather than degrading your brand. Use relevant and copy-right free images. Check out how top competitors in your industry are working out with it. Try and follow without copying.

Never Stop Updating:

The ‘About Us’ page is like your resume. You need to update it every time you achieve something or enter a new market or industry. It should speak about what you are today.

Don’t Be Self-Obsessed:

Everybody loves to boast about their own enterprise, their products and services. Unfortunately, does not help you get clients. So, it is high time you stop being self-obsessed and start thinking about the facts that could be included in the website to make it look credible and genuine.

Prefer plain language to all those high-frequency words which don’t make any sense to your audience. There is no other best way to show case yourself. Stay simple and genuine to grab more…

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