5 Digital Marketing Trends to follow in 2019

March 12th, 2019

Digital marketing is today arguably one of the most empowering tools for businesses.

Testimony to the fact is the blooming of multiple digital marketing agencies each one striving to offer the best custom solution to their clients. Digital marketing is now an essential part of overall marketing strategy for everyone from celebrities to startups, large scale businesses and established brands.

A simple online search for a digital marketing company throws up results by the dozen. This makes it difficult for brands to choose the ones that can plan, strategize and implement customized digital marketing plans.

The mantra when seeking a digital marketing agency is to opt for ones that are constantly evolving themselves. The best digital marketing agency is often the one which is not shy to adopt new technology. After all in the game of digital marketing, the ones that ride the gravy train bandwagon first is the ones that emerges victorious. Here is a deep peep into some of the top digital marketing trends that will be drive innovation in the digital marketing space in 2019.

1: Use of Artificial Intelligence

Carpet marketing like carpet bombing a product to even those having no interest in it has often been a traditional marketing road map. Digital marketing agencies in the past have also been guilty of devising similar plans hoping such campaigns would allow help generate sales. While it may have worked in the past, 2019 is all going to be about Artificial Intelligence with its defined outputs.
AI has been the technological buzzword for some time now. Many digital marketing agencies have been found talking about AI; but only a few of them actually understood and implemented it. Analyzing consumer behavior from their old purchase history, social media interests etc and short listing the most likely candidates interested in a product is what AI-based digital marking brings to the table.
The thin line between just another company and the best digital marketing company would be the ones that use AI smartly to help brands developed customized and accurate content aimed at a very specific set of consumers.
With data emerging as a gold mine, top digital marketing agencies today have specific AI-based plans. Scanning of databases, social media profiles of prospective buyers, interest tracking and other innovative ways are being exercised to help brands shortlist users interested in their products.

2: Innovative use of Augmented Reality

Imagine a situation where a consumer is able to test your product or service before placing orders? Consumer empowerment is the name of the game that augmented reality (AR) brings to the world of digital marketing. A prime example of innovative use of AR has been how wearable gadgets are enhancing user experience while creating a brand loyalty amid consumers.
Almost all of the top digital marketing agencies have AR-based marketing solutions on offer which can help brands escalate their overall brand awareness. AR based 3D advertising is going to be the big technological shift in digital marketing world in 2019. Users would be streaming customized 3D content and basing their purchase decision on the same. If AR is not part of your digital marketing plan, it is time to go to the drawing board with your digital marketing team or opt for any of the top digital marketing agencies already handling AR based solutions.

3: Proactive use of Influencer Marketing

Using of key public figures and celebrities has always been a part of digital marketing trends but 2019 is going to be the year of influencer marketing. This year brands have influencer marketing plans high on their priority list. With platforms like Instagram and Snapchat surging in popularity every digital marketing agency is advocating brands to tie up with such influencers across platforms.
This is seen as a rapid digital marketing progression from the use of hash tags and promotional content. Brands are today reaching out to successful users in their fields and bringing them on board as influencers. Being non celebrities, these influencers are able to connect with consumers at a more subtle level.

4: Prevalence of Chatbots

From the best digital marketing agency to the best digital marketing company, all experts across the spectrum agree unanimously on how Chatbots are now ready to take surge in 2019. A Juniper research has predicted Chatbots will help businesses save up to $8 billion per year in the next 5 years.
Irrespective of the size of the business, Chatbots create immense value for money for brands and businesses. Since marketing trends suggest that voice is likely to be the next big disruptor, having voice enabled chatbots is the best transition strategy as all top digital marketing agencies would agree. Chatbots add value across streams with websites, mobile applications as well as social media queries. The constant evolution in Chatbot technology suggests brands can free more human resource to handle ardent marketing tasks and leave conversations to the automated technology in synch with its marketing plans.

5: Live video steaming based marketing strategies

Content remains the key element for any digital media marketing strategy. From textual content, the focus in 2019 is likely to be more on video based content especially on live video content streaming. From using of Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Instagram Live etc the live streaming sessions are adding value to brand when conducted smartly. Some of the best digital marketing agencies advocate live streaming but only after due diligence. Live video streaming must have elements of fun, light hearted conversation with the users and more importantly engaging the users to interact.
Picking the right platform to conduct live video streaming, choosing the apt topics and short listing the right time go Live all play a very important behind the scenes role. The success of a live video streaming strategy needs the backing of a campaign devised preferably by a smart digital marketing agency.

Last Word: 2019 is going to be all about user enhancement and evolution of digital marketing technology highlights the same trend. In a fast changing digital marketing environment brands late in embracing newer innovations are most likely to fall behind compared to their rivals.

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