5 plus 6 mobile marketing tips – Part 1

July 1st, 2014

With Adobe’s research in our earlier post ‘How important is focusing on mobile to support your cross-channel efforts in 2014?’ we could explain how important it is for businesses to be mobile ready. Taking it a step ahead we decided to explain how to make sure your messages are ready for a mobile.


Did you know that 56 percent of the buyers were intimidated to make the purchase through emails received in their inbox? This makes it even more important for your emails to be mobile-friendly as most of them will be checking their emails on a mobile device and not a desktop. Now that you are certain that your consumers are mostly connecting with you through the mobile device, here are few tips to make your emails highly engaging and enhancing its deliverability.

  1. KISS theory – ‘Keep it short silly’ theory is what works the best with mobiles. A mobile phone screen is extremely small for long sentences. Hence, keeping it short will help in retaining the attention for a longer time. If your subject lines are long, it’s time to rethink. Not more than 60 characters is the mantra.
  2. Key lies in the first line – The key to success is dependent on the first line of your email. When a user reads this, he decides whether to open the email or not. Your first paragraph has to be compelling.
  3. Build the trust – The fear of spam is extremely high among mobile users. It is estimated that about 80 percent of the messages deleted are unread. Let your customers know that you are genuine and so are your emails.
  4. Brand signature – When you look at certain colors you can associate them to a brand. Similarly when your readers receive your email, make sure, they know where it is coming from. Use the brand elements in such a way that it gets registered in the minds. Irrespective of the content.
  5. Make it for mobile – Responsive websites is what you need. Get rid of the bandwidth heavy images and create what fits into a mobile. Make sure you have tested it a good number of times on different handsets, before it’s good to go.

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