5 plus 6 mobile marketing tips – Part 2

July 3rd, 2014

In our previous post ‘5 plus 6 mobile marketing tips – Part 1we have already discussed about the first 5 mobile marketing tips. If you haven’t yet read it, we suggest you to go through that before you go ahead with this post. Some of the tips have been addressed earlier while discussing the marketing tips, however they still hold relevant to mobile marketing, hence repeated.

Here we go with the next 6 mobile marketing tips:


6. Easy on the eye – Gone are the days of using the scaled-down version of the same email campaign that you have used for desktop users. The tiny fonts hamper readability. Follow the thumb rule – 12 pixels font size, headings and important text at a slightly larger size and everything in single column.
7. Tap friendly buttons – You just cannot end with readers. You need them to enroll, explore and experience your site. Instead of having long links or Bitly links, use CTA buttons of at least 44 by 44 pixels, which are clickable.
8. Check for compatibility – Desktops are different from mobile phones, which come in different shapes and sizes and different formats. What works for an Android might not work on a Windows or an iOS. Check for the bestselling phones of the year and check the compatibility on those devices before you click the go button.
9. Know your customer location – Irrespective of your target audience, know your customer’s location and target them based on their geography. Today you can get mailing lists which are segmented based on the dial code, SIC code, addresses etc. This will improve the buying decisions of your customer.
10. Wait for the right time – Never send emails as and when it is ready. Wait for the right time, like the probable time when your customers have least distractions and have enough time to spend on your emails. This is when having separate geographic campaigns can help.
11. Have a safe landing – Your emails will lead your customers somewhere and that’s your landing page. Many end up making mobile-friendly emails but the landing pages end up being incompatible. Remember that usability doesn’t end with emails. Those valuable click-through links need to be channelized to a mobile-optimized landing page. Opt for HTML5 instead of Flash, and make page elements responsive for smaller screens.

You need to consider a lot of things while optimizing the email campaigns for mobile users. Mobile penetration has been extensive and being mobile-friendly is the biggest need of the hour. Hope these tips add value to your email campaigns.

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