CMO talk – Lk Gupta on the success story of redBus and the budding ecommerce in India

March 5th, 2014

CMO talk

In the CMO talk series, Strategic Marketing Services presents Lk Gupta, CMO of redBus

In conversation with Michael Leander at the DMAi 2014 convention, Lk Gupta shares his views on the budding ecommerce in India and also speaks about the real heroes behind the success at redBus. Lk Gupta, who has worked with big established brands like P&G, LG and Gillette, says he finds it really interesting and challenging to work with a growing startup like redBus. While ecommerce, especially the bus ticketing system, is at a nascent stage in India, Lk Gupta hopes and expects it to triple in five years.

Watch Michael Leander’s interview with Lk Gupta…

While technical experts are the backbone of the ecommerce industry, not many entrepreneurs or leaders give them their due credit. Unlike the lot, Lk Gupta bestows gratitude to all the techies working for redBus and creating such niche technological advancements with email marketing and categorization.

Speaking about the competition, Lk Gupta says that redBus faces new competitors every other day, who vie for their market share. Creating a marketing strategy to keep up the pace is a challenge. However, Lk Gupta is confident of gaining repeat customers and balancing the act to acquire more.

Participant Descriptions:

Lk Gupta is Chief Marketing Officer at Pilani Soft Labs (redBus), whom he joined in Feb 2013. With 22 years of experience in diverse marketing areas such as brand management, insights, advertising, media, CRM, retail and digital marketing, Lk served as Vice President of marketing at LG Electronics till 2012. Before that he spent more than a decade at Gillette and P&G in various capacities in India and Middle East & Africa region. Closely associated with consumer behavior at every step, Lk has great confidence in the emergent digital media. He believes in empowering consumers with best products and services, and using insights and analytics to serve them better. He is very active on Twitter and writes on his blog He is based in Bangalore. (source:

Michael Leander is an accomplished international marketing speaker. Covering a range of topics related to direct marketing, digital marketing, marketing automation, customer loyalty marketing management, customer experience design, social media marketing and CRM, he has delivered great experiences to audiences in nearly 40 countries, earning the reputation of being a “great marketing speaker and marketing trainer” (source: ).
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