CMO talk – Luisa Mazinter on customer advocacy and the need to rethink branding

March 17th, 2014

CMO talk

Luisa Mazinter, a passionate digital marketing entrepreneur, in an interview with Michael Leander, talks about niche marketing techniques of customer advocacy and the need to rethink on branding.

At the DMAi 2014, Delhi, Michael Leander, CMO of Strategic Marketing Services had the chance to converse with Luisa Mazinter, CEO of The conversation revolved around the varied ways entrepreneurs and decision makers are looking at branding. Luisa Mazinter, a veteran in the marketing space, gave few guidelines the businesses could follow to cope with the volatile market. Luisa also spoke about customer advocacy and creating long-term relationships with customers.

Watch the complete interview with Luisa Mazinter to get more insights into customer advocacy…

Everything that involves customer – Customer Centricity, Customer Experience and Customer Care – is the aspect that businesses should focus on before they strategize other activities. With increasing and multiple customer touchpoints, there is a pressing need for teams to work collaboratively to give customers a unique and warm experience with the brand.

Participant Descriptions:

Luisa Mazinter is the CEO of two businesses, CUBE [ON THE SQUARE] (Pty) Ltd and Luisa founded CUBE [ON THE SQUARE], a Strategic Marketing Consultancy, in 1998 with business partner Winnifred Knight. The company specializes in marketing and eBusiness strategy development, with particular focus on web, mobile and gaming implementation projects, as well as database analysis, direct and interactive marketing, CRM, ERM and Loyalty programme development. In 1999, the partners developed, a knowledge resource focused on marketing and communications. Luisa is Adjunct Faculty at the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS), where she lectures on the Marketing Planning and Customer Management Module for the Full Time MBA as well as the MBA Elective Web 2.0 and Social Media Marketing in a Connected World. (source:

Michael Leander is an accomplished international marketing speaker. Covering a range of topics related to direct marketing, digital marketing, marketing automation, customer loyalty marketing management, customer experience design, social media marketing and CRM, he has delivered great experiences to audiences in nearly 40 countries, earning the reputation of being a “great marketing speaker and marketing trainer” (source: ).

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