From monotonous to mind-boggling – Brands that gave a twist to marketing!

July 7th, 2014

How creative can you get while writing about CRM software?

What intriguing elements can you add to strategically position a Meeting Platform?

How inventive can you be about a soap which is as useful as any other soap?

Well, the answer clearly is ‘NOT MUCH’!

When a company belongs to industries like healthcare, warranty, or IT, marketing to create a brand recall gets way too tough. However, just because a company sells water, it does not mean that it is dreadfully tough a task to create jazzy content i.e. twist to marketing.

Take a look at few companies which turned the tables and transformed the most mundane aspects of products and services to most interesting concepts. These three brands are classic examples of the companies that have altered the style of marketing stodgy goods. Their marketing activities are so interesting that the audience is left with no option but to take notice.

Old Spice:

According to Ranker, there are approximately 91 soap brands in USA; every soap, serving the same purpose of cleaning dirt and giving fragrance. Old Spice has done a miraculous job of positioning their brand at a creative level in such a traditional and boring industry. Their unique selling proposition does not focus on customary aspects. They strike the humorous and creative chords to reach their target audience. The Twitter handle of Old Spice is clearly a head turner.



Dropbox, cloud file storage and sharing service, has turned the jargon-filled marketing into simple content and visuals. An elementary visual, lucid content and needless to say, the personalization, is all that they used to make any person understand the tough technicalities of file sharing.



Who would be interested in attending a meeting? Though meetings are not exciting, they are indispensable of any organization. GoToMeeting clearly steals the show with its ravishing content on various social media channels, Twitter being the best. Despite being a B2B company, GoToMeeting has absolutely nailed it! Their concepts with viral memes and videos like Harlem Shake are sure shot differentiators for a B2B company.


Content is unbeatably the best marketing element and no wonder, companies are heading towards creating content mastery. Regardless of the industry, [tweetable]creating content that connects and sells takes the brand way ahead[/tweetable].

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