Want to increase website traffic? Here are quick ways to do so

June 15th, 2016

Website traffic is the all consuming need for a digital marketer. We understand that well and also understand the effort it takes to get those numbers on the board. There are no short cuts to success, said a great soul a long time back and it holds true, not just in life but in the digital world as well. The internet has evolved to a great degree and it is going to evolve a lot more in the years to come. For the time being, it has reached a stage where it is important to understand its dynamic nature and pace yourself to keep up with it. We have a lot of clients asking us to boost their site traffic 10X times or some other astronomical number. Our only question is, is it enough if traffic comes? Does the quality matter?

Getting high quality website traffic- It’s harder but it’s possible too

Understanding basic marketing fundamentals gets you a foot-hold into the entire process. From then on, there is no magic potion that can dramatically alter the course of traffic towards your website-THERE IS NO MAGIC POTION. Now that it is clear, what actually works is a structured and well thought out plan and executing the absolute c**p out of it! We have detailed some quick and easy fundamental steps you should take to lay the foundation towards building a steady stream of quality visitors to your website. High quality website traffic is a lot more important than having a million visitors who do not amount to anything to your business.


  • Utilize keyword research tools to their full potential. They are a million free tools available for this so you can start off with them and get the hang of it.
  • Install a good SEO plug-in to your blog. We recommend the YOAST plug-in and it has some cool features that allow anyone to master SEO for their blogs.
  • Get listed on web/app directories. When we say get listed, do not miss out on a single one.
  • Ensure you link internally within your blog posts and to older posts.
  • Link to authority sites that are popular in your network.

The post penguin update world requires SEO to be firmly and ably supported by content, and hence the buzz word for today is content marketing. We knew all along that content was in fact king; it’s just that no one knew his importance, like Simba from Lion King! He had to fight for his right and eventually, now, content rules.


  • Create content that connects and wakes up emotions in your audience. No one buys a Ferrari because it is a car; they buy it because it is a FERRARI! Marketing matters and content is the ink that runs marketing.
  • Write longer posts. At least a minimum of 1000 words. Google loves long form content. There is statistical proof for it.
  • That does not mean shorter posts do not work. Writing longer posts can be tedious- fill out the gaps with shorter and easy read blog posts.
  • Make sure you take care of the Meta tags and descriptions for your web pages. These are the front line offence when working with Google and you sure need to invest some time and effort on them. A word to the wise- ensure you do not mess these up when you make changes to your website navigation and design, trust us- It happens a lot more than you would think.
  • Your site navigation depends on good calls to action. Content plays a significant role here.
  • Write eye catching headlines. Also ensure that you use keyword researcher. Insert keywords into your headline and sub-headings.
  • Consistency is key. Keep your blog updated at regular intervals.
  • Involve your readers and ask them what they want you to write about.
  • Write about trending topics.
  • Use click baiting headlines. You can try negative headlines but make sure it doesn’t blow up in your face!
  • Rework and reuse old content.
  • Guest blogging gets you coverage like no other process. It’s like using a celebrity to endorse you.



  • Use the power of the video. The 2nd largest search engine today is YouTube.
  • Use graphic intense sites such as Pinterest and Vimeo to promote your brand.
  • Invest in good quality videos that promote your products and services. These have weight-age when it comes to SEO too.
  • Use Slideshare. The traffic this site generates is truly epic!
  • Webinars are here to stay. It’s high time we get busy with them.


  • The world is going social. Your website ranking depends on your output on social media too.
  • Each network has its own positives. Learn them up, match them to your needs and positives and work more on the ones that you deem fit for your organization.
  • Include social sharing buttons on your blog as well as emails you send out.
  • Follow the right people, this means competitors too.
  • Encourage dialogue on your social accounts. The more buzz you create, the more juice you provide for SEO.
  • Replying to comments on social media is not a luxury today- it can mean the difference between success and ruin of your brand.
  • Use Reddit- Its offbeat but not too much that it needs to be frowned upon.
  • Give away e-books and other such freebies on social media. People love free stuff.


These are simple, easy and quick ways to get the ball rolling. As I said earlier, consistency plays a significant role in building good quality website traffic. There are many other ways this can be done and we may have missed it out. Do comment below to let us know which process helped you the most!

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