World Renowned Women Empowerment Brand Receives Social Boost on Facebook

Femina is a lifestyle brand specialized for women in India. Commanding their popularity through print magazines and an equally strong digital presence, Femina focuses on key areas of interest for women like fashion and beauty, career, health and fitness, relationships, books, movies and many more. Their thought leadership articles on women achievers and societal issues are inspiring pieces for women empowerment and liberation. Their main publications include the Femina Magazine, Femina Brides and their website – Femina.in.


Recreating Femina's Real-World Leadership Brand Image on Social Platforms like Facebook

  • Building and maintaining a positive engagement network on social media
  • Generating a huge number of impressions and clicks on a regular basis
  • Providing real-time, quirky campaigns to appeal to younger audiences
  • Leveraging social platforms to gather authentic and convertible connections


Facebook's advanced targeting methods proved vital in achieving Femina's brand reach goals.

  • Real-time, trending topics were highlighted in prime posts to draw maximum number of audience
  • Targeted campaigns were launched by demography and key interests to rise campaign appeal
  • Responders were followed up on multiple channels to convert them into highly qualified leads
  • A targeted audience group of young readers was built at bare minimum cost


Femina currently is one of the most followed women lifestyle brands on social media. Their website is gaining high traction by leveraging the brand's active social presence.

  • Targeted campaigns utilized high trending topics like organic food, dietician, Bollywood, celebrities, entertainment & news, and more which resulted in windfall of impressions and clicks.
  • Short-term campaigns gained more effective reach as well as brought down campaign costs, boosting a higher RoI.
  • Demography-wise targeting fulfilled Femina's goal of reaching out to a larger number of young audiences.

Result Snapshot:


Total Follows


Highest Impressions from a Single Campaign


Click-through Rate


Beginning Budget for Facebook Campaigns


Cost per Result

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