Holiday Inn

Holiday Inn is an American brand of hotels, and a subsidiary InterContinental Hotels Group.

Founded as an U.S. motel chain, it has grown to be one of the world's largest hotel chains, with 2,649 active hotels as of September 30, 2016. The hotel chain is based in Atlanta, Georgia. IHG hotels provide more than 744,000 guest rooms globally, serving over 150 million guests each year.


We had been handling Holiday Inn Mumbai’s social media properties for one and a half years now and the client was satisfied with our services. Subsequently, in April 2016, we won the contract for their creative duties. These creative's include: Designs for their Food and Beverage promotions, corporate promotions, events, gatherings, print ads, branding collaterals such as room key card, feedback form, voucher design, menu designing, calendar designing and in room dining service card designing etc.


Client shares its brief in a format we have mutually agreed upon. We then work on the copies for the promotions which are then developed into two proofs of concept to showcase the designs. Client selects the design it likes and approves the same.


Once the appropriate approvals are sought, these designs are adapted for different collaterals:

  • Sun board (a standee poster)
  • Lift (poster placed inside the lift)
  • Email signature for the digital use by employees
  • Digital mailers
  • Lobby TV slides
  • Room TV display slides
  • Tent cards (foldable cards that are placed on the dining table in the restaurant/bar area.

Increased awareness led to the following results:


New Fans


Facebook Impressions


Total Posts


Engagement Rate/Post


Total Shares

We provide exceptional results for our clients.

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