India's Top Magazine for Automobiles Gains Ultra Mileage on Social

Amongst its 14 highly successful flagship programme brands, Top Gear is BBC's entity to report news on the global automobiles market. The Top Gear Magazine in India shares latest updates, reviews, and trends – both local and global – impacting popularity of present automobile brands in the country.

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Leveraging Social Media to Harness a Highly Targeted Group of Indian Motor Enthusiasts

  • Build an active follower base with energetic campaigns appealing to car and bike lovers
  • Nurture a group of loyal brand advocates to open-source reviews for credibility
  • Harness qualified leads of potential customers for affiliate brands
  • Collect a target list to promote new automobile brands


Multiple social media channels were targeted for the purpose. Campaigns launched on Facebook were the most successful because of the active presence of a large number of automobile lover groups and the platform's advanced filtering process.

  • Individuals were targeted on the basis of trending keyword searches, like 'auto geek', 'car magazine' and more.
  • To make the targeting more impactful, paid campaigns were launched specifically for users of competing automobile showcases like,,, etc.
  • Review videos for common cars on Indian roads were added as part of the campaign to generate mass appeal and analyze purchase interests.
  • Interactions were listed and then engaged on multiple channels to convert them into qualified leads based on their purchase potential.


The Facebook page 'Top Gear India' in a short time added a massive follower count while also gathering a strong network of loyal followers and brand advocates.

  • Massive impressions and reactions were collected, especially from the campaigns highlighting the currently running cars in India.
  • The collected and nurtured list of potential purchasers proved to be a vital resource for automobile brands across the industry.
  • The project was completed at industry's best price, contributing to the client's high RoI.

Result Snapshot:


Total Followers


Total Traffic Generated from Campaigns


Click-through Rate


Reaction on Video Campaign


Cost per Result


Reviews added to 'Top Gear India'


Total Impressions from Campaigns


Result Rate


Current Rating for 'Top Gear India'


Cost per Click

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