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Social Media Management Company: Let's understand Social Media Marketing and how to go about it

It's 2017. And it's a digital world out there.

Whether you are in favor of it or not, social media marketing is here to stay. At least for a couple of more years. With over 3 billion social media users globally (as of August 2017), social media today is more than a networking place. It's a revenue making, branding and core marketing platform - if you choose to employ it so. As a Social Media Marketing services agency, at MetricFox, we are here to make brands optimize from social media, intelligently.

Before you start adopting social media marketing strategies into your business plan, ask yourself a question: "What is the goal of your social media marketing campaign?"

Is it Sales? Are you looking for Growth? Do you want to brand and promote yourself better? What about gaining new customers and improving engagement?

Your Goal Setting for social media marketing is important - because that is what will guide you to your POA.

But social media marketing is not only technology and strategy - it is an emotional journey with a human touch. As a top social media marketing company, we understand the challenge businesses face - and hence can help with services that will bring out the best.

Remember, social media marketing is more than Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram. And we are here to bring to you everything more with social media marketing services!

Social Media Marketing Agency: It's time you take SMO Services off your to-do list

We were talking about unique challenges businesses face, and how there's a no-size-fits-all strategy that will work for social media marketing.

There are challenges and there's a solution you will have to arrive at. At MetricFox, our social media management team can help with fixing the common challenges faced in social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing Services offered at MetricFox

Creating a Social Presence

There are several social media platforms and each of them has their own 'personality.' A platform that outperformed for Brand A may not be the right fit for Brand B. A specific strategy is required for each brand keeping in line with its mission and purpose. As a social media marketing and management company this is what we can help in finding a solution to.

Social Media Audit

As a part of your social media marketing plan, we will carry out an audit to evaluate whether or not your plan is proving effective. With brands often making the mistake of trying to maintain a presence across different channels, there is always the risk of having bogus accounts with poor-quality content being shared. A timely audit will ensure that focus is concentrated on areas where results are assured.

Social Media Strategy Development

Social media optimization services, however outstanding can never succeed without the right engagement strategy. A strategy incorporates everything - from social listening to content marketing, brand identity creation, measuring the impact of social media campaigns and more.

Social Media Monitoring

It would be insane if you spend a lot of time and resources on being active on social media and yet not reap the benefits of it. At MetricFox, with social media monitoring services, we have social media experts to determine what's working and what's not, identify the loopholes and concentrate there where results are optimal.

Reports, Insights and Analysis

This is the era of data-driven marketing and your social marketing plans should be no different. We can help with reports based on analysis backed by data and statistics, and provide insights to make better marketing plans in the future.

Social Media Advertisement

Ads are a smart way to get noticed and generate interest in your product. And like Google Ads, social media ads have some rules and techniques to perform better. So why not have the experts look into it? Whether it's a Facebook and LinkedIn ad, sponsored videos on YouTube or promoted content on Twitter, we can do it better.

Community Management

Serving customers is of primal importance for all brands, and inability to make a timely response to customer complaints or inquiries will never go down well with a brand. As a top SMM agency, as a part of our social community management services, we have the team and resources needed to be able to answer all comments from customers and prospects, assuring brands of being in contact with their customers 24x7!

Influencer Marketing

Since the year 1999, teams at MetricFox has been working with brands, globally and regionally. We have been associated with influential brands and can aid clients in identifying brand influencers. The right influencer can give impetus to your brand by introducing it to thousands of followers. With our social media team by your side, you can let go of any worries related to influencer marketing and leave it to us to identify powerful influencers, follow them and introduce your brand at an opportune time.

Online Reputation Management Services

Here's a question - Do others look at your Brand as you perceive it? As a digital marketing agency, at MetricFox we can aid brands to maintain a positive reputation online so that when prospects search online, the results are satisfactory.

Consistency is key:

  • Consistent message
  • Consistent branding
  • Consistent communication
  • Consistent engagement

Our goal is companies engage with their target audience and get their message out on a consistent and sustained basis, day in and day out.

We help organizations get a Return on Effort from their social media endeavours by:

  • Aligning their social media goals to their business goals
  • Auditing their current social media properties
  • Developing their social content strategy
  • Tracking their social media progress
  • Course correcting as needed

I know we need to be on social media. But I neither have time nor have resources to even dip my toe in the water. Relax. We’ll set up your entire social media strategy and deliver on it. Social media is an integral tool in any organization’s digital marketing strategy. Most companies know that they should be putting more effort and resources into social media marketing. But they’re not.

There are many reasons that companies don’t fully engage with social media marketing:

  • The hassle factor outweighs the return on investment
  • They don’t have the time
  • They don’t have the knowledge
  • They don’t have the resources

We tick all the boxes and help companies make sense of their social media marketing so that they can see a real return on investment. We answer these questions:

  • Who is going to do it?
  • What is going to be done?
  • Where are we going to do it?
  • Why are we doing it?
  • How are we going to do it?

MetricFox will:

  • Design and implement your total social media marketing strategy
  • Set up the social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Slideshare and the like that best serve your business objectives
  • Create a communication calendar to ensure that your message goes to the correct audience when you want it to
  • Monitor what is being said about your organization online
  • Present you with monthly reports so that you can ascertain whether or not your social media marketing efforts are working across the desired channels in a systemised and sustainable way that leads to real results.
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While the online social space is getting stronger, monetizing it requires planning and consistency

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